Charting our Impact

"Tourism is the main engine of economic growth in New Orleans; let it also be the engine of the city's sustainable and equitable growth."

Touring with DOUBLOON means giving back to New Orleans. Many of our cherished cultural assets are at risk: from the crumbling cemeteries to the vanishing wetlands to the poverty and violence within our community. But we partner with nonprofits whose projects directly address some of these challenges. We choose to donate a portion of all tour revenue to support those projects. So by touring New Orleans with Doubloon Tours, you'll actually be making a difference in helping to preserve what’s truly wonderful about New Orleans.

At Doubloon Tours we measure our impact in various ways:

  • by the dollar value of donations made to local nonprofit organizations
  • by the impact as measured by the nonprofits themselves in their use of those funds to advance particular projects
  • by counting the number of visitors served
  • by collecting authentic feedback from guests on our tours and from the general public
  • by our own continuing education commitments and community service involvement

We also believe in doing what we can to reduce our own carbon footprint.

These are steps we’ve already taken:

  • spray foam insulation in the rafters to seal the attic and make the building more energy efficient
  • replacement of all light bulbs with more energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs
  • rigorous, ongoing recycling of all recyclable materials
  • replacement of old, leaky windows with new, state-of-the-art double-pane windows for maximum energy efficiency
  • preference for locally-sourced food

We are a proud member of LifeCity, a platform for sustainable economic development in New Orleans.