7 Great Reasons to Tour with Doubloon

To discover authentic New Orleans

We create and deliver the best historical tours on the market, with a continuing commitment to enlighten the public about all that makes New Orleans exceptional. Our local, insider guides have a superior knowledge of the history and unique culture of this city, along with a passion for sharing it. And whatever the tour, you’ll also get a contemporary perspective on the relevant issues. This is the real deal.

To help preserve our local heritage

We care deeply about our city and region, and we choose to donate a portion of proceeds to support local nonprofits that are dedicated to preserving what’s special about New Orleans and safeguarding our unique heritage. Among the sectors we support are: historic preservation, ecological and environmental health, local education initiatives, youth programs, legal aid, slow/local food initiatives, arts and culture.

To discover the European, Caribbean, and African roots of our unique culture

Our trips abroad are not exclusively for residents of New Orleans, but when we travel we're always looking for connections to our culture back home. Our trips tend to explore a specific region in some depth, looking at history, art and architecture, landscape, food and music, and all of the things that make the place special. All details are accounted for, so you can just relax and enjoy. 

To tour in a small, friendly group

Too many visitors to New Orleans experience the city as part of a mega tour group, up to 28 people (the legal limit). We think that's way too big a group for a quality tour experience. Our groups are more intimate, with more breathing space, more personal attention, more opportunity for questions and comments along the way, and a higher quality tour experience for everyone. Try it out and see the difference.

We also cater to local residents

Of course we love out-of-town visitors, but we also design tours with locals in mind because they have a clear stake in this place, and we especially want them to be informed and involved. The bottom line is that everyone has a lot to gain by taking our tours and bolstering their knowledge of and appreciation for this exceptional place.

To support green business and help to bring about a greener, more sustainable New Orleans

We partner with green businesses and constantly strive to raise awareness about the benefits of making socially- and environmentally-responsible choices. We also aim to set an example that encourages the local tourism industry in the direction of high green standards. We believe that informed consumers will always prefer to support businesses employing ethical and sustainable practices.

Tourism is the main engine of economic growth in New Orleans today. Tour with us and help send the message that the tourism industry needs to operate in a sustainable way, for the long-term benefit of the city of New Orleans and its communities.

To have a great time!

Did we mention that our tours are entertaining, lively, and fun (as well as enlightening)? Your time is valuable – find out how satisfying it is to spend some of it with us.