Jazz! A New Orleans Story

Jazz! A New Orleans Story

Jazz! A New Orleans Story

See and hear how it all began!

Explore the origins of the most original American art form - jazz, America's gift to the world. Visit the places where its creators lived and played, and hear samples of the iconic recordings that defined the beginnings of jazz. 

Among the highlights of this tour:

  • Stand in the neighborhoods and at the places where jazz music was originally created
  • Enter Congo Square, the spot where enslaved West Africans used to gather, dance and make music
  • Hear samples of iconic jazz recordings
  • Discover the musical significance of Storyville, New Orleans former red-light district
  • Explore the world of honky-tonks, social clubs, barbershops, and other hotspots popular in the early days of jazz
  • Understand why a favorite son of New Orleans is the the most influential person in the history of jazz

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Tour Schedule

9:30 am to 11:30 am Tuesdays, Thursdays

Meet your guide 15 minutes early at Mister Gregory's Café, 806 N. Rampart St.

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Email: tours@doubloontours.com

Phone: 504.256.9540

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